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Virtual Darts

e-darts Sports

e-darts are the official online version of the Soft Darts. According to the international instructions given by the IOC, all the federations should try to develop its version of virtual sport. esports is very interesting for IDF and IDF has already deployed the esports series relating the soft darts: e-darts

The Virtual Sport of Soft Dart is based on a normal Soft Dart Board, inter connected to another one, creating a full online match with the online referee system managed.

The referee system can be managed directly by the players or by the officials.

For the players, it is strictly the same way to play soft darts, on the same soft dart board with the same physical act. The only change in the virtual sport version of Soft Darts is that the players are not in the same place and they are not competing on their own board remotely.

New Version


Parasport Version

edart radikal.jpg

First Version

edart radikal 2.jpg
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