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European Dart Union Official Documents

As a part of the dissolution of the European Dart Union, all the documents relating the European Dart Union are going to be published inside the IDF Website.
We are happy to share all the documents that were present in the EDU website and to welcome EDU as a new commission of IDF.

Another step for the growth of Soft Darts has been done trying to reach the highest standard in terms of compliance.

EDU Ranking 2023/2024 Women
Download • 69KB

EDU Ranking 2023/2024 Men
Download • 124KB

EDU European Dart Championship & EuroCup 2024 Schedule
Download • 2.26MB

EDU Ranking Rules 2023/2024
Download • 57KB

EDU Ranking Rules 2024/2025
Download • 51KB

EDU Ranking List 2023/2024
Download • 61KB

Score Sheet Champions League
Download • 129KB

Calendar Champions League 2023/2024
Download • 1.29MB

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