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IDF becomes member of SandSI, Sport and Sustainability International

IDF is happy to announce that it is become member of the SandSI, Sport and Sustainability International.

The Mission of Sport and Sustainability International (SandSI) Is to Accelerate Sustainability In and Through Sport.

SandSI respects, enjoys and values the diversity of people and organizations meets and works with. SandSI's programs and activities aims to include organizations of all types, countries and sport, in one word: Inclusion.

Sport and Sustainability International (SandSI) is a non-for-profit Swiss association with headquarters based in Lausanne. Founded in 2017, SandSI seeks to accelerate sustainability in and through sport, aligning its activities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). A global membership organisation, SandSI’s current membership is comprised of sport and non-sport entities as well as individuals representing 40+ countries, across all continents.

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