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IDF becomes signatories of the TAFISA Mission 2030!

IDF is continuing the growth inside the Next Generation Stretegy and becomes signatories of the TAFISA Mission 2030!
TAFISA's Mission 2030: "For a Better World Through Sport for All" is the guiding document for a global strategy to fight the worldwide physical inactivity epidemic.
Today, our people and our world face challenges and threats on a diverse scale never seen before - from climate change to civil unrest, non-communicable diseases, isolation, oppression, poverty, terrorism and the threat of nuclear war. These are not problems unique to any one demographic, geography, belief system or political status. These are global problems, faced by all of us; our friends, our neighbours, our families, our children. Without immediate and effective change, generations to come will not enjoy the world as we have done. The world they will live in will be a lesser world than ours. This is not only not fair, but unacceptable... and preventable.
More on the section in the IDF website.
Here the documents
TAFISA Mission 2030
Download • 4.23MB
TAFISA Mission 2030 Document Signed Annex
Download • 1.99MB

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