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IDF joins as member the CIFP!

IDF has been accepted as member of the CIFP - International Fair Play Committee.

The International Fair Play Committee founded for an indefinite period in 1963 by the International Sports Press Association (AIPS), the International Council of Sport Science and Physical Education (CIEPSS), UNESCO and the International Federations of Basketball, Football, Rugby and Wrestling is an organisation governed by the French Law. The CIFP, whose headquarters are at Maison du Sport Français in Paris, is recognised by the International Olympic Committee and is the partner of UNESCO.

The main legislative body of the CIFP is the General Assembly that consists of the Members who are entitled to vote. Each Member has one vote. The General Assembly chaired by the President or one of the Deputy-Chairmen is held in ordinary session at least once every four years at the CIFP headquarters or at any other place and it is to approve reports, programme proposals, activities report, financial and budget report.

The CIFP is chaired by the President who performs the duties of President of both the Council and the Executive Committee and who has full authority to represent the CIFP in all its relations with third parties. The work of the President is supported by two Vice-Presidents. The proper functioning of the CIFP is ensured by the General Secretary whose task is to coordinate the activities of the organisation. Also, the Treasurer ensures the financial management of the CIFP.

Since its foundation by UNESCO and a number of international sports governing bodies in Paris in 1963 the goal of the International Committee Fair Play Committee is the worldwide defence and promotion of fair play.

The activity of CIFP is aimed at national and international organisations in the field of sports and education, and professional athletes with a special emphasis on children, adolescents and those in charge of training them, namely coaches and trainers.
The CIFP has an important educational role to play in supporting fair play, promoting a better understanding of fair play values and preventing adverse behaviour. In cooperation with various national governing bodies such as ministries, Olympic committees, sports federations, media and sports press associations the CIFP encourages and welcomes the establishment of national fair play committees.

In order to honour and direct attention to acts of fair play performed either within or outside the sports world, the International Fair Play Committee annually awards Fair Play Prizes to personalities who have proved to be excellent ambassadors of fair play.

Fair play is a complex concept that comprises and embodies a number of fundamental values that are not only integral to sport but relevant in everyday life.

Fair competition, respect, friendship, team spirit, equality, sport without doping, respect for written and unwritten rules such as integrity, solidarity, tolerance, care, excellence and joy, are the building blocks of fair play that can be experienced and learnt both on and off the field.

CIFP is a recognized IOC organizations.

More info on CIFP on the website of the organization:
Membership Certificate CIFP 2023
Download PDF • 145KB

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