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IDF joins TAFISA as International Member!

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

The International Dart Federation is happy to announce that the General Assembly of TAFISA has accepted IDF as one of the new International Members!
TAFISA is The Association For International Sport for All and it is officially recognized by the IOC - International Olympic Committee.

As the leading international Sport for All organisation, TAFISA is in the privileged position to bring joy, health, social interaction, integration and development to communities and citizens around the globe through the promotion of Sport for All and physical activity.

TAFISA has over 383 member organisations in more than 170 countries on all continents. We actively cooperate with other global change-makers, including the UN, WHO, UNESCO, the IOC, ICSSPE and others, in our mission to create a Better World.

TAFISA cooperates with, and is supported by, many varied organisations around the world in its mission to achieve a better world through Sport for All. TAFISA is well recognised and respected in the family of international leaders of sports, sciences, culture and politics. This includes official recognition by, and active cooperation with, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organisation (UNESCO). TAFISA also enjoys productive working relationships with other international bodies, and is open to new fields of cooperation, including for:

TAFISA and the IOC share a long standing cooperation emphasised by the IOC’s official recognition of TAFISA, the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two organisations for the further development of selected TAFISA programmes, TAFISA’s seat on the IOC Sport and Active Society Commission, and the IOC’s patronage of many TAFISA programmes and events.

TAFISA and the WHO have enjoyed a mutually beneficial working relationship for many years, which has included cooperation on TAFISA publications and the WHO’s Europe’s Healthy Cities programme.

TAFISA and UNESCO have been active partners for many years, highlighted by TAFISA’s seats on the Permanent Consultative Council (PCC) and International Committee for Physical Education and Sport (CIGEPS). UNESCO has also been patron to many TAFISA events.

TAFISA and ICSSPE are established partners, having initiated the Global Coalition for an Active World together. TAFISA Secretary General, Mr Wolfgang Baumann, also holds the elected seat of ICSSPE Vice President, and ICSSPE has been patron to many TAFISA events.

TAFISA and TAFISA Europe both appreciate a positive, working relationship with ENGSO. In 2010, TAFISA and ENGSO solidified their relationship by signing a memorandum of understanding to seek further opportunities for practical cooperation.

IAKS is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organisation operating in the field of sports and leisure facilities. TAFISA and IAKS signed an MOU in 2010 for cooperation regarding facilities for Sports for All.

The CSIT is an international multi-sports organisation responsible for organising sports and Sport for All events for amateurs and workers from all over the world. There are many synergies between the missions of CSIT and TAFISA, and the two enjoy a positive cooperation.
The African Union Sport Council Region5 (AUSC Region5) is the sports arm of the African Union, which was once the Organisation of African Unity. Its main aim is to use sports to achieve peace, integration and unity in Africa i.e. sport as a vehicle of encouraging people to develop and come together, irrespective of colour, economic status, political, class, or gender. TAFISA and the AUSC Region 5 have signed a MoU to cooperate in reaching their common goals.

The Foundation for Sport, Development and Peace (FSDP) promotes Universal and Olympic values of friendship, joy of effort, fair play, respect, excellence and balance of body, spirit, will and mind as well as interdependence, sharing, love, tolerance, equality amongst others. Its purpose and vision is to promote, advocate and facilitate an improved understanding and practise of sport and the application of Universal and Olympic values as tools for development, social change and peace through advocacy, capacity building and training, research and evaluation, youth scholarships, community outreach programmes and partnerships. TAFISA and FSDP have signed a MoU to establish a stronger platform for Sport for All activities and programmes, particularly to promote gender equality.

The World Union of Olympic Cities is the only association which brings together former and future Olympic host Cities. Through its network, Smart Cities & Sport, the Union offers a platform for cities to learn, share and connect.

Germany is TAFISA’s home, being both the location of the headquarters and the birthplace of its first President, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Palm. TAFISA is fortunate to have enjoyed the continued support of the German Federal Government, represented by its Ministry of the Interior.

Commerzbank AG is a global banking and financial services company founded in 1870 with its headquarters in Frankfurt, Germany. For many years the company has supported both top sports and Sport for All activities nationally, and internationally. The TAFISA headquarters is housed by Commerzbank.

The German Olympic Sports Confederation ('Deutscher Olympischer Sportbund', DOSB) is the non-governmental umbrella organisation of German sport. It was founded on May 20, 2006, resulting from the merger of the German Sports Confederation (DSB) and the National Olympic Committee for Germany. Along with being a founding TAFISA member, the DOSB remains a strong supporter.

The European Commission is the executive of the European Union and promotes its general interest, including promoting and supporting opportunities for Europeans participate in Sport for All and physical activity. TAFISA and the Commission have been working closely together for many years, including on cooperative projects on Health Enhancing Physical Activity, SportCityNet, Project Recall, the European Week of Sport Toolbox, and many others. TAFISA also holds a seat on the European Commission’s High Level Working Group on Grassroots Sport.

Catmosphere is a foundation that uses the stories of Big Cats and their conservation challenges to encourage us all to take action to address our collective wellbeing. Catmosphere’s initiatives aim to use the concepts of health and conservation to straddle sectors, audiences and partnerships in uniquely impactful ways.By focusing on how self-care and caring for nature are intrinsically linked, Catwalk strives to demonstrate that all our wellbeing is interconnected.

TAFISA Logo Guidelines
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Approval Letter TAFISA
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TAFISA Certificate
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