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IDF joins the INTERACT project!

The continue growth of IDF lead to sign the INTERACT Pledge!
IDF Pledge Signed
Download PDF • 1.07MB
The INTERACT Pledge to Activate Citizens has been developed as a political outreach to complement practical actions taken by International and Continental Sport Organisations in the field of Sport fort All.

Aligned with International and European Policy Papers, it provides International and Continental Sport Organisations with the opportunity to commit themselves to creating a better world through Sport for All. By signing the pledge, they send a message to the world that the development and promotion of Sport for All is at the core of their mandate.

Here the link to the signatories list of the Pledge:

At the same time, IDF has been included inside the INTERACT Advisory Board.

International and European Sport Organisations (ISOs) are at the core of the sport delivery systems in Europe and worldwide, the governing bodies of their respective sport disciplines.

INTERACT+ (International and European Sport Organisations Activating Citizens Plus ) is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union. It aims to enhance the tools and resources built by its predecessor project, INTERACT, to complement ISO activities and support them in developing Sport for All. In addition, it will continue the work done by INTERACT to position ISOs as critical leaders of the Sport for All and physical activity movement and effectively contribute to a change of paradigm and delivery system within the sports movement. INTERACT+ builds on the learnings, results and deliverables of its predecessor project, IESOAC/INTERACT.

The INTERACT+ Advisory Board is composed of selected International Sport Organisations to provide guidance and exchange knowledge and experience on the topic of Sport for All and physical activity, and contribute to the INTERACT+ success story

Here the list of the advisory board members:

INTERACT + Advisory Board
Download PDF • 1.30MB
INTERACT + Advisory Board
Download PDF • 1.30MB

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