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IDF with FIGeST will host the TAFISA European Sport for All Forum

We are happy to announce the TAFISA European Sport for All Forum.
2024 marks a significant year as we embark on the TAFISA Regional Outreach Year, and this forum will play a vital role in this endeavor. It will provide a dynamic platform for Sport for All enthusiasts, professionals, and stakeholders from the region to come together, share insights, and engage in meaningful discussions. This further presents a unique opportunity to foster collaboration, explore regional challenges and priorities, and shape tailored strategies for Sport for All development in Europe within the framework of your national policies as well as international policies such as IOC Olympism365, UNESCO Kazan Action Plan and Fit for Life Campaign, WHO Global Action Plan on Physical Activity.
The forum will be host by FIGeST, Federazione Italiana Giochi e Sport Tradizionali, and by IDF, International Dart Federation.

FIGeST is the Italian Traditional Sports and Games Federation and it is the official national Governing body for traditional sports, Flying Disc, Teqball, Racquetball, Sepak Takraw, Tug of War, Table Soccer, Dodgeball, Darts in Italy. It is recognized by the National Olympic Committee of Italy and the Italian Paralympic Committee.

International Dart Federation (IDF) is a non-government non-profit organization developing Soft Darts, e-darts para soft darts globally. IDF is supporting the Soft Darts worldwide and it is competent on the soft darts, e-darts and para soft darts rules and regulations. IDF is the governing body for Soft Darts, e-darts and para soft darts in all their forms and disciplines.

The event will be an official TAFISA Event, as a part of the TAFISA Regional Outreach Conference.
As the leading international Sport for All organisation, TAFISA is in the privileged position to bring joy, health, social interaction, integration and development to communities and citizens around the globe through the promotion of Sport for All and physical activity.
TAFISA has over 383 member organisations in more than 170 countries on all continents. We actively cooperate with other global change-makers, including the UN, WHO, UNESCO, the IOC, ICSSPE and others, in our mission to create a Better World.

The event will take place on the 18th, 19th, 20th of November 2024 in Rome.
The LOC will use the following locations full of history:
- Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (CONI), Piazza Lauro de Bosis, 15, 00135, Roma, Italy
- Parco Sportivo Foro Italico, Viale dei Gladiatori, 31, 00135, Roma, Italy
- Centro di Preparazione Olimpica Giulio Onesti, Largo Giulio Onesti, 1, 00197, Roma, Italy
- Hotel Villa Maria Regina, Via della Camilluccia, 687, 00135, Roma, Italy

The schedule will very full of initiatives and opportunities for the participants.

Day 1 – 18 November 2024
Morning: Arrival and registration at the hotel
14:00: Transportation to Palazzo H CONI
15:00: At the Salone d’Onore del CONI starting the conference work
18:00: End of the conference work
18:30: Transportation to the Hotel
19:30: Official Dinner

Day 2 – 19 November 2024
08:00: Breakfast
09:00: Transportation to Palazzo H CONI
09:30: At the Sala dei Presidenti del CONI starting the conference work for the second day
12:00: End of the conference work for the second day
12:30: Lunch at Circolo del Tennis
14:00: Transportation to the CPO Giulio Onesti
14:30: Active Day session
18:00: Finishing of the Active Day Session
18:30: Transportation to the hotel
19:30: Official Dinner

Day 3 – 20 November 2024
08:00: Breakfast
09:00: Transportation to Palazzo H CONI
09:30: Visit of the CONI Bulding
10:30: Visit of Stadio Olimpico
12:00: Visit of Foro Italico
13:00: Lunch at Circolo del Tennis
14:30: Transportation to the Hotel
15:00: End of the program

On the Active Day Sports, the participants are going to try different sports:
  • Teqball

  • Soft Darts

  • Flying Disc

  • Ultimate

  • Disc Golf

  • Freestyle

  • Traditional Sports

  • Dodgeball

  • FootVolley and Sepak Takraw

  • Tug of war

  • Table Soccer

Soon further information!

More on the official website:

FIGeST – Federation Italiana Giochi e Sport Tradizionali
06128 PERUGIA – Via Martiri dei Lager, 73
P.I. 02952300545 – C.F. 94081350541

IBAN: IT53T0707503007000000711497
BANK ADDRESS: Via del Circolo 2, 53018, Sovicille (SI)
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