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Interview made by ICSSPE to our CEO Marco Tomasini

ICSSPE had the privilege to sit down with Marco Tomasini, the CEO and Secretary General of the International Dart Federation (IDF), to delve into the organization's mission, projects, and values.

Could you please introduce yourself and the International Dart Federation (IDF)?
My name is Marco Tomasini, and I serve as the CEO and Secretary General of the International Dart Federation. In my role, I oversee the governance of the IDF, develop international strategies, and implement guidelines set by the board of directors. The IDF, initially registered as the European Dart Union in 1995, has a mission to maintain, spread, and standardize the sport of darts in Europe. In 2007, it transitioned into the International Dart Federation to expand its reach globally. The IDF is a non-profit organization independent of political and religious affiliations, focusing on various dart disciplines including soft darts, e-darts, virtual darts, and parasoft darts.
Can you tell us briefly about the ongoing projects of the organization?
Our primary ongoing project is the Next Generation initiative. This project aims to promote good governance and contribute positively to civil society through sports. The pillars of this project include endorsing fair play, supporting initiatives like World Fair Play Day and the #whitecard campaign, advocating for refugee inclusion and protection, promoting sport for all and healthy lifestyles, and supporting sustainability across social, environmental, and economic dimensions. Additionally, we align our efforts with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
What effects did the coronavirus pandemic have on your organization?
The pandemic posed significant challenges for the IDF, leading to the suspension of international activities, including world championships and projects. Many national federations struggled to sustain their operations during this period. In response, we initiated a governance restructuring project, invested in e-darts and virtual sports, and began a member certification process, set to conclude in September 2024. These measures aim to ensure sustainability and adapt to evolving circumstances.

What solutions/adaptations post-COVID did you find?
To navigate the post-COVID landscape, we prioritized member recertification to ascertain active national federations. Additionally, we developed the e-darts and Mobile App division to facilitate national and international competitions without travel constraints. Lastly, we launched the Next Generation Project to promote good governance and societal well-being.
Could you tell us a bit about the aims and vision of the International Dart Federation (IDF)?
The IDF aims to foster the growth of soft darts globally, emphasizing good governance and well-being within the darting community. Our vision entails promoting sustainable competitions, nurturing the next generation of athletes, and fostering an active society. We advocate for the importance of sustainability and community engagement within the darting community.
How would you describe your organization’s values?
The IDF's values align closely with the UN's SDGs, emphasizing sustainability, inclusivity, and fair play. We recently declared our commitment to these values, ensuring that all our actions adhere to these principles.
What are the plans and goals for the IDF?
Our strategic objectives include completing the member recertification process, expanding e-darts initiatives, and advancing the Next Generation Project. We aim to strengthen our partnerships, promote sport for all, and contribute to societal well-being.
As a new ICSSPE member, what do you envision for future cooperation? What are you most excited about regarding ICSSPE membership, and how can both organizations collaborate?
IDF eagerly anticipates collaborating with ICSSPE to promote physical education, inclusion, and community engagement. Dart, as a unique sport, offers opportunities for social inclusion and well-being, aligning with ICSSPE's goals. We seek to leverage ICSSPE's platform to enhance physical education among our members and explore innovative training methods to improve athlete performance. Through joint projects and initiatives, we aim to address common challenges and promote shared objectives, benefiting both organizations and the broader community.
In conclusion, Marco Tomasini's insights shed light on the IDF's commitment to fostering the growth of darts while promoting values of inclusivity, sustainability, and fair play. With ongoing projects and strategic objectives, the IDF aims to navigate challenges, adapt to evolving landscapes, and collaborate with organizations like ICSSPE to promote societal well-being and engagement through sports.

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