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Next Generation Project: kick off day!

IDF is happy to official announce the Next Generation Project and present the official logo!

We are proud to lunch our campaign worldwide in order to push further our commitment for a better world.

The next generation project aims to create good governance and a strong contribution inside the civil society thank to the effort made to IDF and its sports. The main pillars of the next generation project are:
· The endorsement of the Fair Play, support and spread of the Fair Play and support of World Fair Play Day
· The Girls Positive & Safe Coaching Pathway
· To support April 6 and the #whitecard campaign, using sport as a development tool for peace and inclusion
· The inclusion and protection of the refugees
· The support of the Sport for all and active society thank to specific sport for all projects and development of healthy lifestyle
· To support the sustainability, on the main three level: social sustainability, environmental sustainability and the economical sustainability
· To support the Sustainability development goals of the UN

Here you can find the webpage of the project:

The project is a multiyear project based on the following specific action plan:
· International Day of Sport for Development and Peace:
· Sport for Refugees Coalition:
· Sustainable Development Goals:
· The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving the World:
· Girls Positive & Safe Coaching Pathway:

Another important pillar of the Next Generation project is the newly established International Soft Dart Academy. Here the official webpage of the academy:
The first step, already in place, is to support and participate to the #whitecard campaign of Peace and Sport, adding the #whitecard to all the pictures of the board and commission members:

During all the 6 of April IDF will push the campaign publishing the pictures of the commission and board members pushing it.

At the same time, IDF has published the full schedule of the events, specifically related to the Next Generation project:
· 6 April 2024, Online, International Day of Sport for Development and Peace
· 7/8/9/10/11 April 2024, Birmingham, SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit
· 21/22/23 April 2024, Amman, MENA Conference of Adaptive Physical Activity
· 25 May 2024, Bolzano, Board of Directors
· 25/26 May 2024, Bolzano, IDF Next Generation Congress
· 12/13 June 2024, Benidorm, Board of Directors
· 12 June 2024 Benidorm – Annual General Meeting
· 12 June 2024 Benidorm – EDU Meeting
· 8/9/10/11/12/13/14 June 2024, Benidorm, EDU Next Generation Project
· 8/9/10/11/12/13/14 June 2024, Benidorm, EDU European Soft Darts Championships
· 15/16 June 2024, Lausanne, Panathlon Family Games
· 7 September 2024 Online, World Fair Play Day
· 17 November 2024, Rome, Board of Directors
· 18/19/20 November 2024, Rome, TAFISA European Sport For All Forum

The last event will be the great opportunity to push further the Next Generation Project being the host of the TAFISA European Sport For All Forum, with FIGeST.

Here the full list of the official events: 
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