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The covid pandemic period had great consequences on the sport life. A lot of clubs are disappeared, a lot of federations has been closed all over the world and all over the sport fields. It is a matter of fact that a lot of IDF members are not still active due to the pandemic period and are not existing anymore. It is important, also in terms of reputation and activities, to re-certificate all the members of IDF, being sure that the IDF has active and correctly constituted members in order to deploy the sport, after the pandemic period, in a strong and good way.
The board start, according to the statutes, a new re-certification membership process, in order to approve all the members again before moving the headquarter in Italy, being sure to have correctly active constituted members.

The requested documents to re-certificate the members are:
1. Statutes and Constitution Act signed (compulsory)
2. Proof of registration (compulsory)
3. Proof that the organization is a not for profit one (compulsory)
4. List of the board members with their contacts (compulsory)
5. Official contacts of the federation (compulsory)
6. A letter recognizing IDF as governing body for soft darts (compulsory)
7. Application module duly fulfilled (compulsory)
8. Logo of the federation (if possible)
9. Letter of recognition of your national sport authority and or National Olympic Committee (if possible)
10.Other relevant documents (if needed)

Russia and Belarus are not eligible to be member till the IOC has suspended them.
These documents must be sent before the next EGM so the board can re-certify the members giving them voting rights at the EGM.

It is delegated the CEO to this procedure and it is giving to the CEO the power to re-certify the members if they comply with the above-mentioned criteria.

Here the membership form:
IDF NF Recognition Application Form
Download PDF • 118KB

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