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Next Generation Project

The future is now

The main project developed by the IDF is the Next Generation project.
The next generation project aims to create good governance and a strong contribution inside the civil society thank to the effort made to IDF and its sports. The main pillars of the next generation project are:
-    The endorsement of the Fair Play, support and spread of the Fair Play and support of World Fair Play Day

-    The Girls Positive & Safe Coaching Pathway
-    To support April 6 and the #whitecard campaign, using sport as a development tool for peace and inclusion
-    The inclusion and protection of the refugees
-    The support of the Sport for all and active society thank to specific sport for all projects and development of healthy lifestyle
-    To support the sustainability, on the main three level: social sustainability, environmental sustainability and the economical sustainability
-    To support the Sustainability development goals of the UN

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