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Sports Department:

HEAD - Marco Zerbini​​

- e-darts Commission

- Entourage Commission

- Sport for All & Development Commission:

HEAD - Giovanni Gallo

- Education Commission

HEAD - Mutlu Turkmen

Member: Andrii Boliak
Member: Anita Pariani
Member: Sporis Goran
Member: Maria Garcia Castro
Member: Marco Zerbini

- University and School Sport / Youth and Sport Commission

HEAD - Mutlu Turkmen

Member: Sporis Goran

- Soft Darts Commission


​Parasport Commission

HEAD - Marco Zerbini

Athletes Commission

HEAD - Karl Plank

Member - Nichi Machaira

Ethics Commission

Medical & Anti-Doping Committee

- Therapeutic Use Exemption Committee

- Doping Control Panel

Disciplinary  Commissions


Appeals   Commissions


Women in Sport Commission

HEAD - María García Castro

Member - Anita Pariani

Member - Oleksandra Boliak


Match Fixing and Gambling Commission


IT Committee

Membership Commission
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