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How to become member of IDF

Contact us to become member of IDF

In order to become member of the IDF it is requested to the applicant the following documents:

1.     Statutes and Constitution Act signed (compulsory)
2.     Proof of registration (compulsory)
3.     Proof that the organization is a not for profit one (compulsory)
4.     List of the board members with their contacts (compulsory)
5.     Official contacts of the federation (compulsory)
6.     A letter recognizing IDF as governing body for soft darts (compulsory)
7.     Application module duly fulfilled (compulsory)
8.     Logo of the federation (if possible)
9.     Letter of recognition of your national sport authority and or National Olympic Committee (if possible)
10.   Other relevant documents (if needed)

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