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IDF will take part to the MENA 2024 Conference

IDF will partecipate to the 1st MENA Conference.

Marco Zerbini, IDF Sport Director, will hold a speech at the MENA Conference introducing Soft Darts as a perfect example of Adapted Sport.

First Middle East and North Africa Conference on Adapted Physical Activity is being held under the theme of “Mainstreaming – Integration – Inclusion in Physical Education and Sports”.
In collaboration with the Scientific Committee of the Paralympic Committee of West Asia, the International Federation of Adapted Physical Activity (IFAPA) and the Asian Society of Adapted Physical Activity and Exercise (ASAPE), MENA is seeking to organize this conference.

The conference will be held in Amman (Jordan) between April 21st and April 23rd, 2024.

This event aims to showcase the most recent advancements in mainstreaming, integration, and inclusion within sports and physical activities for individuals with disabilities.

Special education specialists and experts are warmly invited to share their experiences in applying teaching strategies and developing curricula for individuals across all disability classifications.
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