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Act Now

Embrace the possible. That’s the call of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, a blueprint for a better world. We don’t have to wait for the future we want—we can create it right now. Everyone can join the global movement for change.
ActNow is the United Nations campaign to inspire people to act for the Sustainable Development Goals.
The Goals can improve life for all of us. Cleaner air. Safer cities. Equality. Better jobs. These issues matter to everyone. But progress is too slow. We have to act, urgently, to accelerate changes that add up to better lives on a healthier planet.
What happens when millions of people act together for our common future? A lot. Join the campaign to learn more— and do more.
A mobile app by AWorld – because there is no planet B – allows you to choose and track actions for the Sustainable Development Goals. You can see the impacts you are making in terms of the number of actions taken as well as environmental metrics such as CO2, water and electricity saved. You can also take educational journeys, engage in group challenges, get tips and take quizzes, all geared towards acting for our common future.
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