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IDF European Commission

IDF Board Member representing Europe: Mate Vukoja (Croatia) -

Commission Chairman: Karol Kirchner (Slovakia) -

Commission Vice Chairman: Simone Rossolini (Italy) -

Commission Members:

Bretislav Uhricek (Czech) -

Yves Baulesch (Luxemburg) -

Sonny Klein-Kemp (Luxemburg) -

Ex Officio member / IDF CEO: Marco Tomasini -

IDF European Commission
Account number: 16-350505-7
IBAN: CH72 0900 0000 1635 0505 7
Account name: The International Dart Federation
Currency: EUR
For foreign payment orders - name of bank:
PostFinance Ltd
Mingerstrasse 20
3030 Bern
Clearing no. 090002

Contact of the IDF European Commission

IDF European Commission Email Contact
International Dart Federation
IDF European Commission
C/O SportWorks House
Pl. de la Gare 12, 1003 Lausanne, Switzerland

The History of the IDF European Commission (EDU - European Dart Union)

The IDF European Commission is bringing the legacy of the European Dart Union.

The European Dart Union was established on the 24th of November 1995 in Brig.

The European Dart Union was dissolved on June 2024 becoming a Commission of IDF for Europe.

The scope of EDU was to establish an open European Dart Union for all national dart associations, all players and the progress of the soft darts and to support International Dart Federation as international governing body of soft darts.

The idea for the creation of the European Darts Union was born through the connection of several national associations. Above all, the Italian federation and the Swiss federation were the driving forces behind the founding. The goal was to found an association that would be open, without restrictions or requirements, to all European darts players. This was a key detail for the future development of the sport of darts in accordance with the EDU.

The first meeting was held in Singen, Germany. Representatives from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic were present at the meeting. It was agreed that a new European Darts Union (EDU) should be founded.

The founding meeting of the EDU was held on March 13, 1995 in Naters, Switzerland. Therefore, the EDU is created from the five founding countries mentioned above.
The first European Championship was held in 1996 in Brig, Switzerland, where the EDU headquarters was located. Since then, the European Championship had been held in a different country every year.

EDU grew to more than 200,000 players.
One of the most important moments in the development of EDU and its major expansion was on June 8, 2007 in Prague. There, during an EDU meeting, the decision was made that the organization would be transformed into the International Dart Federation.

On January 5, 2008, the “new” EDU was founded at a meeting of the EDU boards in Bolzano.

At this meeting in Bolzano it was also announced that the DSAB, the largest German electronic dart sports association, which includes almost 60,000 players, would become a member of the EDU. The EDU was the largest European organization in electronic dart sports with over 260,000 players from 23 different nations.

The continuous progress and development of darts was reflected in the increasing number of participants in the European Championship.

Since Brig 1996, the number of participants had increased from 350 to over 2000 players in Prague 2007. Organizing the European Championship became a more demanding project every year. This was due to the size, organization, number of players and the importance of darts as a representative competition.
In addition to the European Championships, the EDU had been organizing a ranking tournament series for years, which was being held in 3 tournament dates from European Championship to European Championship in different member countries. Since 2010, these rankings had included a Champions League team championship in addition to the individual competitions for women and men, the finals of which were played at the European Championships. 17 teams from eight nations were currently taking part in this team competition. The average number of participants in these rankings is 200 players from a wide variety of member nations.

In 2024 the EDU decided to dissolve becoming a continental commission of the International Dart Federation.

Here the list of the European Championships organized by EDU:

  • 1996 Brig (Switzerland)

  • 1997 Voitsberg (Austria)

  • 1998 Ottobrun (Germany)

  • 1999 Brno (Czech Republic)

  • 2000 Riccione (Italy)

  • 2001 Poreč (Croatia)

  • 2002 St. Johann (Austria)

  • 2003 Salou (Spain)

  • 2004 Hamburg (Germany)

  • 2005 Sopron (Hungary)

  • 2006 Umag (Croatia)

  • 2007 Prague (Czech Republic)

  • 2008 Caorle (Italy)

  • 2009 Zadar (Croatia)

  • 2010 Leukerbad (Switzerland)

  • 2011 Benidorm (Spain)

  • 2012 Antalya (Türkiye)

  • 2013 Geiselwind (Germany)

  • 2014 Porec (Croatia)

  • 2015 Porec (Croatia)

  • 2016 Porec (Croatia)

  • 2017 Caorle (Italy)

  • 2018 Caorle (Italy)

  • 2019 Caorle (Italy)

  • 2020 Canceled due to Covid 19

  • 2021 Canceled due to Covid 19

  • 2022 Benidorm (Spain)

  • 2023 Benidorm (Spain)

  • 2024 Benidorm (Spain) 

EDU was dissolved on the 05/02/2024 and completed the liquidation procedure on the 23rd of June 2024, after a long stading history and after the last EDU Championships in Benidorm.

The next European Championships are going to be managed directly under IDF as a commission.

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