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IDF joins the EFPM!

IDF is happy to become member and partner of the European Fair Play Movement!

The EFPM promotes and develops Fair Play in sport, education and everyday life, primarily in Europe. The EFPM reflects a philosophy of life, abiding by universal ethical values, seeking to create in the spirit of Fair Play and based on the educational value of good example through sport a better world, where pleasure is found in sport with tolerance and respect for competitors.
The main aim of the European Fair Play Movement is to promote Fair Play and Tolerance in the broadest sense (in sports and everyday life) at European level.

The EFPM seeks to achieve this goal by supporting its members, by helping to promote Fair Play campaigns where sports organizations take the initiative, by cooperating with the authorities to foster Fair Play themes and by facilitating regular contacts between the various European sports organizations.
After 5 years of annual meetings with ideas exchanged about the campaigns promoted in their countries and hawing recognized the importance of having a European Body on working Fair Play, representatives from 14 countries decided to create the European Fair Play Movement (EFPM) in a Founding Assembly held at FIFA House, in Switzerland, on May 27/28, 1994.

The EFPM is a non-governmental association. Since July 2013, the headquarters of the EFPM has been located at the offices of ASKÖ (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Sport und Körperkultur in Österreich).
The address is as follows: 1030 Vienna, Maria Jacobi Gasse 1, Austria.

The EFPM is run by the Executive Committee composed of nine members chosen by the General Assembly from amongst its members and appointed for a term of four years from the Games of the Olympiad. The General Assembly is held once a year.

The members of the Executive Committee work in an honorary capacity.

More info on the EFPM website:

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